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Chocolate Box 2017

It’s Chocolate Box time! I’m excited. I missed Chocolate Box’s inaugural run due to a crazy real-life schedule, so I’m excited to get to participate this year. Especially since the tagset looks absolutely divine (as you’ll be able to see when you see the sheer number of things that I’ve requested!)

So welcome, dear Chocolate Box creator. :) If you’re writing a fic or drawing a sketch for me, please know that it is incredibly hard to disappoint me. I’m like a kid in a candy store – unless it’s black licorice (i.e., on my squicks list), I pretty much covet anything and everything. I want you to create something you enjoy and love, in one of the fantastic fandoms we share. Does half a prompt inspire you, but you want to mix-and-match it with half of a prompt from another fandom section? Go for it! Do you want to ignore my fandom prompts and take your cue from one of my general likes instead? Fabulous! ♥

Because I’m requesting the full ten fandoms, and often several ships within each (I told you the tagset was divine!), this letter is long. I’ve tried to make it easy to browse and read, with links and bullet points and all that jazz. Hopefully I succeeded! :) Also, please don't think that because my letter is long I have my heart set on longfic. I will be totally thrilled by a short snippet! I just like to talk a lot, especially about these awesome canons. ;)

Finally, I'm requesting both art & fic. I'm not very good at art prompts, not being an artist myself, but I've tried! I do love art and will love what you create. ♥

[things I love] // [squicks and DNWs]

[Amelia Peabody] // [Damar] // [Goblin Emperor]
[Howl’s Moving Castle] // [Sense and Sensibility (1995)] // [US Politics RPF]
[West Wing]// [Wimsey]// [Crossovers]// [Original Work]

•• things I love ••

writing things

~ Unreliable narrators.
~ Epistolary fic.
~ Slow build.
~ In medias res.
~ Twist endings.
~ Rashomon style.
~ Noodle incidents.
~ Non-linear fic.
~ Worldbuilding.
~ Five-times fic.
~ Crossovers between my requested fandoms. (Jane and Harriet and Amelia in the same fic? Be still my heart.)
~ Happy endings; earned happy endings.
~ Canon-divergence; codas; missing scenes.

romantic things

~ Falling in love (especially when the characters don’t realize that’s what they’re doing).
~ Characters in love who have difficulty making the first move (particularly if it’s mutual).
~ Established relationships (particularly the old-marriedness and cosy bits).
~ Kissing; thorough kissing.
~ Cuddling and domesticity.
~ Laughter and derailments and affection during sex.

plot things

~ Adventures.
~ Mysteries.
~ Characters with plans; characters with plans that go wrong; characters who adapt.
~ Teasing, snark, and banter.
~ Working through problems.
~ Competence and skill, both earned and innate.
~ Friendships; intimate friendships; developing friendships; trust and love and loyalty.
~ Cats.

general things

~ Any rating – G through NC-17. (If the latter, I am fond of plot and/or character moments in my porn.)
~ Any length. Stories all have natural lengths. Write what gives you joy.
~ Any type of pairing – femslash, slash, het, and gen friendships are all great. I do have a particular soft spot for femslash if you’re putting in background pairings.
~ I don’t have a preference between past and present tense. Whichever works for your story!
~ Crossovers and fusions are fine, as long as I have requested both/all fandoms in this or a prior exchange. (Or mentioned the fandom in a prompt, even if not officially requested.) That way I’m sure to know and enjoy the fandoms you’re crossing!

porn things

See my Yuleporn comment from 2015. :)


•• squicks and DNWs ••

~ Pain, horror, and death. This includes torture, gore, and BDSM. (In mystery canons, canon-typical murders are fine, as long as the graphic details aren’t exceptionally graphic.)
~ Anything but full consent. This includes non-con, dub-con, incest, and underage sex.
~ Animal harm. This includes bestiality, hunting, and animal death. (In Wimsey, it would be fine to mention that Denver enjoys hunting and include that as one of his topics of conversation, but I would not enjoy a fic set during one of his hunts.)
~ Bodily fluids.
~ Infidelity by requested characters. (If I’m requesting a non-canon ship and the characters already have a canon ship, please don’t give me infidelity-fic. I’m fine with either setting the fic before the beginning of the canon ship or doing a canon-divergence AU.)
~ Any form of abuse in the relationships or friendships of the requested characters. (Fine to include as, say, backstory as to why a murder victim became a murder victim, as long as the details are canon-typical and not exceptionally graphic.)
~ Unhappy endings; unrelieved angst or angst that doesn’t resolve into a hopeful or happy ending.
~ Racism, homophobia, and/or misogyny espoused by sympathetic characters.


Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters

Relationship: Amelia Peabody Emerson/Radcliffe Emerson

Amelia and Emerson are such wonderful characters. I love Amelia’s strength and her foibles, her idiosyncrasies and her fabulously distinct narrative voice, her love for Emerson and her love for archaeology. Meanwhile Emerson’s love for Amelia is so manifestly evident at all times and endearing (plus I love his own archaeological fervor). And their banter, conversational style, working together, arguments, and reconciliations are all so much fun to read about.

If you already have a plotbunny - or if any of the general likes in my letter inspire one - go for it! I love surprises. :)

If not, here are a few prompts: How about a story about their relationship over the years – perhaps five times Peabody rescued Emerson and one time Emerson rescued Peabody, maybe? (Or vice-versa.) (Five-times fic in general is great.) Or maybe they have an adventure together that didn’t get recorded in the books. Or maybe one of them is writing an article about best archaeological practices and the other provides input. ;) Or perhaps you’d like to write a story from Emerson’s POV (either first-person or third-person is great). Or perhaps you want to sketch them together, in the middle of a spirited discussion or in the middle of a dig or in the middle of Peabody seeing to an injured Emerson.

Although I have read the entire series, my favorite books are the first five (before Nefret comes on the scene), and I would prefer a fic or sketch set during that period. But if you love the later books (or are writing a series of snippets across the course of their relationship), I will enjoy fics set during that period too! (Keeping the focus on the Emersons rather than Nefret/Ramses, though.)

Some more ideas:

• Outsider POV is one of my favorite writing styles. To take only a couple of examples (feel free to create your own!), I’d love to see Evelyn and/or Walter’s view of Amelia and Emerson’s courtship, one of the Egyptian staff’s impressions of Amelia & Emerson and their archaeological dig, or a child-Ramses narrator telling a story of a childhood adventure with his parents.
• Jane or Poirot comes to Egypt. How do they and the Emersons get on?
• Case fic is of course always loved. (But I know firsthand how hard it is and by no means expect it or have my heart set on it.)
• Does Amelia ever try her hand at writing a mystery? What is her writing style? What kind of characters does she include, and do they bear any resemblance to people in her life? What does Emerson think of it? (Sketch idea: Amelia writing by the fire and Emerson regarding her affectionately – or standing over her shoulder and critiquing.)
• Amelia and Emerson, gettin’ busy. Any rating. Affectionate G-rated cuddles, super-porny romp, or anything in between.
• How legendary are the Emersons in the archaeological community? (Or perhaps a mock essay/historical biography about them written by a modern-day historian!)
• An article in a contemporary ladies’ journal about Amelia, her adventures, her scholarly work, her unique sense of style, and her inimitable husband. ;)
• THE CATS and the Emersons!
• A sketch of the Emersons on a dig together!

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Damar Series - Robin McKinley

Relationships: Corlath/Harry Crewe, Senay/Original Female Character, Jack Dedham/Mathin, Richard Crewe/Kentarre

To this day, The Blue Sword remains one of my favorite books. I simply adore Harry. I love her journey over the course of the book, her character growth, and her developing relationships with the men and women she meets. Snatched out of her own world, she creates a new life for herself, and oh, wins a war and protects both of her worlds along the way. And there are so many great characters in her worlds – Corlath, Senay, Mathin, Jack, Kentarre, Richard, Gonturan, and the list goes on.

So! If you already have a plotbunny for one of the relationships I’ve asked for - or if any of the general likes in my letter inspire one - go for it! I love surprises. :)

If not, here are some prompts!

Harry and Corlath having adventures together after their marriage. Narknon’s perspective on their relationship. Harry or Corlath (or both) telling their child(ren) a bedtime story about how they fell in love. Harry or Corlath solving a mystery involving the other (or solving a mystery together). Harry and Corlath in bed. ;) Harry and Corlath visiting Ihistan and overcoming awkwardness/difficulties there by working together. Harry and Corlath talking about a cultural difference they have.

Mathin and Jack get to know each other, and slowly but surely find themselves falling in love. (I like outside POV, so if you do too this could definitely work from Harry’s perspective! Normal POV is great too though.) Mathin & Jack have an adventure, and one of them saves the other one’s life. Mathin & Jack are the indulgent godfathers to Harry & Corlath’s children. Mathin teaching Jack to ride like a Hillman. (Would work well as a sketch!)

Senay & an original female character fall in love! Up to you which of Harry’s worlds the original character comes from. (If she’s from Istan, one thing I enjoy is cultural differences and characters learning to bridge them.) Adventures! Mystery-solving! Falling in love! First times! Senay becoming a Queen’s Rider! Or perhaps Harry & Corlath send Senay as an emissary to Harry’s home country and she falls in love with a woman there and brings her back to Damar.

Kentarre falls in love with Richard and brings her people back into Corlath’s reach at the same time. How tricky are those transitions, especially combined? Do her people have cultural traditions that differ from broader Damarian tradition? Kentarre trains Richard in archery, with kisses (and perhaps more) as forfeits. (This would be fun as a sketch!) The story of how Kentarre and Richard fell in love.

I would also definitely enjoy a story or sketch that included more than one of these relationships.

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison

Relationship: Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar

I love Csethiro/Maia! Pretty much anything you write or draw about them will make me happy. :)

If you're stuck, here are some ideas:

1) Csethiro's outsider POV on an event from the books.
2) What is Csethiro's reaction to Maia's accession? Being selected as his bride? Their first meeting (or the first time she saw him, before they officially met)?
3) A time when Maia and Csethiro's different childhoods and upbringings meant they had a misunderstanding over something and had to sort it out.
4) Csethiro teaching Maia something about court life/court people.
5) Csethiro and Maia getting to know each other before the wedding.
6) Skip forward five/ten/fifteen years. What does Csethiro and Maia’s life, marriage, and kingdom look like?
7) Canon-divergent AU in which Maia does not become Emperor, and they meet in some other situation. (Maybe his father does die, but not his brother, and his brother brings him to court.) How do they fall in love?
8) Csethiro, Maia, and cats!

Art ideas:

1) Csethiro and Maia's first meeting
2) Spending time together before the wedding
3) Csethiro or Maia making the other one laugh
4) Csethiro writing Maia a letter
5) Csethiro reading one of Maia's letters - does it make her smile?
6) Csethiro and Maia cuddling kittens together.

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Howl's Moving Castle Series

Relationships: Lettie Hatter & Martha Hatter & Sophie Hatter, Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon, Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon & Calcifer, Abdullah & The Genie, Sophie Pendragon & Morgan & Twinkle & Calcifer, Princess Hilda/Princess Matilda | Witch of Montalbino

I adore the Howl series! (And I like the movie too.) If you’ve matched on this fandom, I’m tickled pink. :) Please write or sketch something that makes you happy, and I’ll love it.

Some prompts, if you’re stuck:

Lettie Hatter & Martha Hatter & Sophie Hatter: I would love a story or a sketch of the three sisters set between Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air, or between Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. How does their relationship develop over time, as all three of the sisters mature? What adventures do they have together? What do Lettie & Martha think of Howl? Do they babysit Morgan (and what happens then)? What does a girls’ night out look like for the Hatter sisters?

Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon and Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon & Calcifer: What adventures do Sophie and Howl (and Calcifer if you include him) get up to between the books? What is Calcifer’s POV on Sophie & Howl’s relationship? What are Sophie & Howl like in bed? What is Howl like as a dad after Castle in the Air?

Abdullah & The Genie and Sophie Pendragon & Morgan & Twinkle & Calcifer: These relationships crack me up. Any story or sketch about them would be great! Missing scene, alternate POV(s), post-book reactions, I’ll love it all.

Princess Hilda/Princess Matilda | Witch of Montalbino: I ship them! Tell me a story or sketch me a sketch about them falling in love post House of Many Ways. :) With or without the appearance of any of the major characters.

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Relationships: Colonel Brandon & Elinor Dashwood, Colonel Brandon/Elinor Dashwood, Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrars, Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrars & Margaret Dashwood, Elinor Dashwood & Margaret Dashwood, Elinor Dashwood & Margaret Dashwood & Marianne Dashwood

I adore this movie. I love the book too, obviously, but movie!canon is my favorite because of Margaret’s increased role (I love her!) and because I feel like it was absolutely perfectly cast. Also I adore Emma Thompson to ridiculous levels.

I requested a lot of different ships for this fandom! If you want to mix and match any that don’t conflict (e.g., Elinor & Margaret & Marianne, plus Colonel Brandon/Marianne, plus Elinor/Edward, to take only one possible example), feel free. I didn’t ask for Marianne/Willoughby as a primary ship, but I’m fine with that being a background or secondary ship as well.

Some ideas:
• Sweet moments in one of the relationship ships. How do Colonel Brandon and Elinor, or Colonel Brandon and Marianne, or Elinor and Edward, woo each other between their engagements and their weddings? Are there stolen kisses? Or after their weddings, on their honeymoon/starting life together/having a baby/etc. (Sketch prompt: Any of the couples cuddling. Edward stroking Elinor’s cheek. Wedding day!)
• Elinor/Edward on Colonel Brandon & Marianne’s wedding day, still newlyweds themselves. (Is it Edward’s first officiated wedding, perhaps?)
• How might Colonel Brandon and Elinor have fallen in love, if you go with that ship? Canon-divergence AU at whichever point you like is great with me.
• Outside POV of one of the relationships. Perhaps Mrs. Dashwood?
• I love the sisters’ dynamic. Tell me any story about them down the road! What adventures might Margaret have, and what do her sisters think of them? Does she travel the world and bring back souvenirs for her sisters’ children? Does she fall in love with another Austen character from a different book (either gender, though I’d especially love femslash), and if so, what are her sisters’ reactions? Or perhaps tell me a story of a family reunion with Brother John and how the sisters react in solidarity. (Sketch prompt: The sisters looking unimpressed at Fanny. Or the sisters laughing together!)
• I also love Edward & Margaret’s relationship. He seems to really be good with kids, and with her in particular. Maybe Edward & Elinor have Margaret over to visit for a few months when their first baby is born? Or maybe he stands up to Fanny for her? Or maybe a story about Edward/Elinor’s falling in love from Margaret’s POV? Anything that has the three of them bonding is great. (Sketch prompt: Edward and Margaret fencing, with Elinor watching!)

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


US Politics RPF

Relationships: Hillary Clinton/Original Female Character, Hillary Clinton & The First Female President

Hillary Clinton/Original Female Character
This ship is non-canon. I would love to see an AU that went canon-divergent at a place of your choice, as long as it stayed in the political realm (not a coffeeshop AU, in other words, unless that means Hillary is holding a town hall in a coffeeshop). I’m equally happy with an OFC who is in the political world or who is a non-politician. The only thing I definitely wouldn’t enjoy is a large age gap (more than 10 years).

• Hillary falls in love with a woman at Yale, not Bill, and dreams of the future.
• Hillary takes her oath of office (as President, Senator, Congresswoman, Governor – your choice) with her wife at her side. (Alternate: It’s Inauguration Day! Aaaand things aren’t going so smoothly, due to [shenanigans of choice]. Can Hillary and/or her wife save the day?)
• A quiet moment on a campaign bus, in the middle of a Supremely Hectic Day, between Hillary and the woman she loves.
• Five women Chelsea (or Hillary’s friends) set Hillary up with to disastrous results, and one that clicks.
• An unmarried Hillary becomes President in her 40s. Something happens (superhero regulation act in Congress? Attack on the White House that needs superhero intervention? Etc.), and she meets-cute a superheroine. True love never did run smooth…
• Hillary’s always busy, working late and flying around the country. But however busy she is, she’s never too busy to jot down a quick note, or memo, or love letter, or acerbically funny workplace commentary, to the woman she loves. (Optional addition(s): do some of these come to light in the email scandal? Is this how they get outed?)

Hillary Clinton & The First Female President
I would be equally happy with a complete OFC or a “first female President” who’s one of the rising Democratic stars. If the latter, I especially like Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth.

• Hillary on the campaign trail with the nominee. Sharing a quiet moment in the middle of a Supremely Hectic Day, perhaps, or compare/contrasting the current Republican nominee with Trump, or giving an introductory speech for the nominee.
• The nominee on the night she becomes President-Elect, thanking Hillary in her victory speech, while Hillary watches with complex feelings.
• Hillary as sage confidante, either on the trail, helping the transition team, or called in to the White House.
• There is a crisis and aliens attack/supervillains move on the White House/etc. It’s all hands on deck! Hillary comes to the White House and joins forces with the President to defend America.
• Five times Hillary helped/gave advice to/inspired the First Female President, and one time the FFP returned the favor.
• A sketch of Hillary embracing/beaming with pride at/watching with pride/introducting to a crowd the First Female President.

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


West Wing

Relationships: C.J. Cregg/Nancy McNally, C.J. Cregg/Evelyn Baker Lang, C.J. Cregg & Toby Ziegler, C.J. Cregg/Toby Ziegler, Ellie Bartlet/Donna Moss, Zoey Bartlet/Charlie Young, Jed Bartlet/Leo McGarry, Abbey Bartlet/Jed Bartlet/Leo McGarry

The West Wing is one of my favorite TV shows. Its idealistic take on politics – a political world populated by basically-decent people trying to do the right thing, in which ‘wins’ are possible and the American people admire and value a President like Bartlet (and later Santos) – is pure comfort food for my soul, especially in the current circumstances.

C.J. Cregg/Nancy McNally
C.J. Cregg/Evelyn Baker Lang
C.J. Cregg/Toby Ziegler

• I would love a story about how any of these pairs fell in love! What was their first kiss like? (Or how about a sketch of their first kiss?) How do they manage the work-home relationship?
• The pair argues about a political issue (or how to solve it), but makes up afterwards with cuddles and/or sex.
• The pair gets stuck on a tarmac together and spends the time flirting (without drawing the attention of any possibly-roving reporters).
• The pair announces their engagement and is congratulated by your favorite West Wing character(s).
• C.J. runs for office down the line and becomes (whatever office you want to write). Her partner figures out how they fit in to this new paradigm.
• Five times C.J. & Toby slept together, and one time it ended up being for good.
• Five times C.J. & (partner) were attracted to each other, and one time they took the next step.

C.J. Cregg & Toby Ziegler

• They may argue, but there is deep affection behind the arguments. They may not be romantically together, but there is a real partnership there nonetheless.
• C.J. & Toby’s friendship over the years.
• C.J. or Toby (or both) leaves the other the funniest, most irreverent notes throughout their time at the White House. Even though it’s probably illegal to destroy them (Federal Records Act and all that), the recipient does anyway (although they keep a couple of the best for themselves). Or they don’t destroy any and a future historian writes a book about their friendship and the Bartlet White House based on the notes.
• The Santos White House gets in a pickle (whether that’s Congress being intransigent, an accidental ‘secret plan to fight inflation’ PR disaster, or aliens/supervillains arriving), and C.J. & Toby are called in to help out. It’s the first time they’ve had to work together since Toby’s pardon, and it takes a while to reestablish their old rhythm.
• Was C.J. actually the leaker and Toby took the hit for her? Is that what he thought was happening, but actually neither of them was the leaker? (Who was?)

Ellie Bartlet/Donna Moss
• How did Ellie & Donna get together? Was it a kiss after a tipsy campaign party that turned into sex that turned into something more? Was Donna working on an issue that Ellie deeply cared about, and Josh deputized Donna to keep the inconvenient First-Daughter lobbying off his plate? Do they meet up by chance ten years after Jed leaves office, and find that their chemistry is off the charts?
• Ellie thought that once her father left office, she’d never have to deal with politics or politicians ever again. Then Will Bailey calls, and her fiancé Donna starts thinking about running for office…
• Five times Ellie was attracted to Donna (starting with a glimpse on the very first campaign, even?), and one time she finally got the courage to make a move.
• Ellie and Donna announce their engagement and are congratulated by your favorite West Wing character(s).
• Donna goes to Ellie to find out more about (science-related political issue), and realizes partway through the conversation that Ellie is shyly flirting with her.
• Jed finds Donna sneaking out of Ellie’s bedroom at night (I know she doesn’t live in the WH, but during the holidays perhaps), and is initially confused, thinking Josh sent her up to tell him about some political crisis, only for the penny to eventually drop.
• Josh comes over late at night to Donna’s apartment to check on something, and is surprised to find Secret Service standing guard.

Zoey Bartlet/Charlie Young

• Which one runs for political office first? ;) Or do they both run simultaneously?
• Zoey’s aware that her father thinks of Charlie as the son he never had. Sometimes that’s a lot of pressure to make the relationship work.
• Zoey and Charlie consider eloping to avoid the craziness of a wedding (particularly with their backstory).
• Zoey deals with the mental fallout from the kidnapping; Charlie is there for her.
• Zoey and Charlie try to decide who should be godparents for their first baby. They have a lot of people to choose from!
• Charlie gets into political and/or personal trouble, and Zoey finds that she is more upset by this than an ex-girlfriend perhaps should be. Time to save the day (and get the boy)?
• Zoey or Charlie accidentally becomes a superhero. The other is the only person they trust enough to reveal their secret identity to. (Either get-together fic or established relationship.)
• Over the years, Charlie has acquired some of Jed’s mannerisms/storytelling habits/etc. What does Zoey think of this?

Jed Bartlet/Leo McGarry
Abbey Bartlet/Jed Bartlet/Leo McGarry

I’m interested in two dynamics for this pair of ships. 1) Jed & Leo fell in love instead of Jed & Abbey (could still have Abbey as a friend if you like). 2) Abbey & Jed & Leo are in a loving V relationship with Jed as the point (up to you which one Jed fell in love with first). I didn’t really feel any romantic or sexual chemistry between Abbey and Leo (though they were definitely good friends and I love that), so with the exception of one prompt below I’d prefer to keep that side of the triangle a friendship.

• Who made the first move, Jed or Leo, and how did it happen?
• Leo once says of Jed, “We first met about thirty-two years ago, but our friendship began about eleven years ago.” If that’s a euphemism, and it was their relationship that began eleven years ago, after twenty-two years of friendship, why did it take 22 years for their friendship to develop into something else, and why did it finally change?
• Leo and Jed play chess together, and Jed uses flirtation as a distraction tactic. (Would love a sketch of them playing chess!)
• It’s Abbey who realizes first that Jed loves Leo as well as her, and she has to decide what that means for them.
• (the exception mentioned above) Leo has been Jed’s lover for eleven years, and he and Abbey have never felt any curiosity about sleeping together and completing the triangle. But now that’s changing… (Optional addition: much to Jed’s amusement and interest).
• (ooops, second exception) Sometimes Leo and Jed and Abbey sleep together, but Jed’s always the focus and there’s not really any Leo/Abbey. One night (perhaps on a celebration high after a legislative or political win?) that changes.
• (AU in which Leo is not picked as Santos’s VP and doesn’t die.) After Santos’s inauguration, Leo moves into the Manchester house with Jed and Abbey. (Optional: other West Wing characters’ reactions or non-reactions.)
• (AU in which Leo doesn’t die and becomes VP.) Jed and Abbey like to try to drop by incognito to surprise Leo at work. His staff/Santos’s staff is amused by sekrit-spy antics (it’s kinda hard to be incognito with Secret Service protection).
• Jed can’t resist temptation and kisses Leo in the Oval Office one day. (Either passionately or for comfort after a long/difficult day.) They get walked in on by the West Wing character of your choice. What happens?

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers

Relationships: Honoria Lucasta Dowager Duchess of Denver/Original Female Character(s), Harriet Vane/Peter Wimsey, The Dowager Duchess & Harriet Vane, The Dowager Duchess & Harriet Vane & Peter Wimsey, Helen Duchess of Denver & Harriet Vane

First of all, this is one of my favorite fictional universes of all time. A fic or sketch of any of these relationships being in love/having fun/in the middle of adventures/solving a mystery together/telling each other stories/etc. will make me very happy indeed. :)

The Dowager Duchess/Original Female Character
• When Peter tells her about the murder he’s currently investigating, Honoria realizes with a jolt that the bereaved widow of the deceased is her girlhood sweetheart who she hasn’t seen in forty years. Can she help Peter clear her beloved’s name? And will love re-spark?
• As she gets to know Harriet, Honoria is reminded powerfully of the woman she loved.
• Peter or Peter & Harriet are in trouble! Honoria needs help to save him/clear their names/etc. She’ll have to go to the woman she thought she’d never speak to again.
• Honoria falls in love for the first time in her life, and is as giddy as a schoolgirl about it (much to Helen’s chagrin).
• Honoria writes a letter home to Harriet & Peter from a cruise/Orient Express/American trip, and they read between the lines and realize that she’s fallen in love with someone she’s met along the way.

The Dowager Duchess & Harriet Vane
The Dowager Duchess & Harriet Vane & Peter Wimsey

• Harriet & Honoria bonding doing just about anything.
• Peter is away on Foreign Office work. Harriet & Honoria have to solve a mystery while he’s away. (Perfectly fine to be just a snippet/single scene from within that mystery-solving!)
• Honoria tries her hand at writing a mystery (or other type of novel). What does Harriet think of it?
• Honoria, Harriet, & Peter go on a trip together. Does it stay uneventful? (If so, fluffy bonding is totally something I enjoy!) Does it turn dramatic? (Time to solve a murder/theft/etc.!)
• (during the courtship years) Peter is out in London when he happens upon a teashop in which (gasp!) he sees his mother & Harriet chatting together. What can they be talking about? Should he join them?

Helen Duchess of Denver & Harriet Vane

So my main prompt for this relationship is: Harriet & Helen are forced to work together somehow. Some ideas:

• Harriet & Helen are kidnapped by a murderer (do they know too much? Stumbled upon a clue? Happened upon a murder in process?) and have to work together to escape.
• Some indiscreet letters of Helen’s are being used to blackmail her. She can’t face going to Peter to help, so she comes to Harriet in confidence instead (even though it galls).
• Gerald either dies or runs off with a younger woman, and Harriet helps Helen put her life back together.
• Winifred (Helen’s daughter) has written a scandalous book, and actually sent it off to a publisher! Helen, blaming Harriet for this development, comes to her to ask her to try to get the manuscript back before it shames the family.

Harriet Vane/Peter Wimsey

• Harriet and Peter solve a domestic mystery together.
• Peter writes a mystery story for Harriet’s birthday. What’s his style, and what does Harriet think of it?
• Harriet and Peter enjoy setting up small mysteries/puzzles for the other to solve. But does Harriet always play exactly fair?
• I really enjoy canon-divergence AUs. How might Harriet & Peter have fallen in love in a slightly different universe? What if Harriet had never lived with Boyes, for example? What if Peter read one of her mysteries and then met her at a party? Etc.
• Outside-POV of Harriet & Peter’s relationship! I adore the letters at the beginning of Busman’s Honeymoon, so anything in that style would be fantastic. But also any story from outside POV, really. Helen, St. George, the Dowager, Gerald, Miss Climpson, an OC murderer caught by Harriet & Peter – they all sound great.
• Harriet tells Peter about the punt incident. They go punting again. ;)
• AU in which Peter is the detective novelist, and Harriet the detective who rescues him from the noose.
• Harriet spots the clues and deduces that they’re going to be grandparents before Peter does.
• Harriet and Peter solve a mystery at their thirtieth-wedding-anniversary party.

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥



Relationships: Amelia Peabody/Jane Marple, Harry Crewe/Amelia Peabody, Dowager Duchess/Miss Marple, Jane Marple & Hercule Poirot, Susan Pevensie/Minerva McGonagall, C.J. Cregg/Leia Organa, Hillary Clinton/Leia Organa

Amelia Peabody/Jane Marple

Note 1: I ship Peabody/Emerson a lot, so please set an Amelia/Jane romance before Amelia meets Emerson, or in an AU in which she doesn’t meet Emerson and gets into archaeology another way.
Note 2: Although their ages get a bit fudged over time because of the difficulties of writing long-running series, Amelia and Jane could arguably be contemporaries. (In Crocodile on the Sandbank, set in 1884, Amelia says she’s 32, which would mean she was born in 1852. Meanwhile Jane’s first appearance is as an elderly spinster in the 1927 short story “The Tuesday Night Club”; if we take “elderly” to be 70, that would mean she was born in 1857.)

• A sketch of Amelia and Jane, either young and exploring/excavating an archaeological site together, or old ladies chatting together by the fireside.
• Amelia is an archaeologist who has a mystery on her hands. Jane is a traveling tourist who finds herself helping Amelia solve it – and becoming bewitched by her sparkling eyes.
• Amelia gives a talk in London on one of her journeys home, and Jane, attending, is captivated.
• Jane comes to talk to Amelia’s academic father about a point of interest, but he’s so absentminded Amelia ends up being the one to entertain their guest. Developments ensue.
• Every child in the neighborhood knows that Amelia has the best stories. Jane knits by the fire and listens, content and happy even though she’s heard them all a million times.
• Amelia finds a historical mystery in an archaeological site, and Jane helps her solve it even though it’s a centuries-old cold case, because ‘people are the same, whatever the century’.
• A late-in-life love story in which Jane and Amelia fall in love during the time period of the Miss Marple stories; maybe a retired Amelia is suspected in a murder and Jane has to clear her name!

Harry Crewe/Amelia Peabody

Although Harry’s universe is a fictionalized version of our own, I’d buy 1860s or 1870s for The Blue Sword, which would make Harry a contemporary of Amelia. I’d be equally thrilled with a story that considered the two universes to be identical (there’s magic in Amelia’s world too, even though she hasn’t realized it yet) or with a story that considered them separate and then brought one character into the other’s world.

As with Peabody/Emerson, I love both the canon ships here (Peabody/Emerson and Harry/Corlath), so please don’t include infidelity or explicit breakups. Perfectly fine to have Emerson and/or Corlath present as friendships.

• How do Harry and Amelia meet? Does Amelia leave Egypt and come to investigate an archaeological site on the northwestern frontier in India, only to hear stories of Damar?
• What does Amelia think of Damar? What does Damar think of Amelia? How does Harry help her adjust?
• Amelia solves a mystery in Damar, and Harry helps (while falling in love with her).
• Canon-divergence AU: Harry’s father doesn’t die in England (thus setting up the beginning of Blue Sword when Harry goes to live in Istan), he’s murdered in Egypt while on a trip there with Harry. Amelia helps to solve his murder and she and Harry fall in love.
• Amelia and Harry knew each other as girls. When Amelia hears about Harry going missing in Damar, she remembers the name; when she hears through the grapevine about Harry’s adventures, she’s intrigued, and comes to Damar herself to investigate.
• When a centuries-old magic starts coming to life in Damar, Harry decides to try enlisting the expert advice of her acquaintance the archaeologist. Proper archaeological practice and defeating evil magic turn out to not always go hand in hand…

Dowager Duchess/Miss Marple

• Honoria has a mystery on her hands and neither Peter nor Harriet is around to help. Luckily Jane is! She’s so helpful. And sweet. And wickedly funny…
• Honoria’s children are taken aback when she informs them that, now that they’ve all settled down (even Peter, at last!), she intends to travel the world with her companion Jane. Only Harriet (and perhaps Peter? Or perhaps not?) guess the full scope of her & Jane.
• Epistolary fic in the form of Honoria’s letters home from her world travels, which (reading between the lines) are full of Jane.
• Honoria and Jane fell in love during their school days, but they weren’t from the same class and their lives diverged afterwards. Now, fifty years later, they meet again…
• Honoria writes to Peter and Harriet on their honeymoon that she’s a suspect in a murder! Peter & Harriet rush back, only to find that Jane’s already sorted everything and is beaming kindly at them from her comfortable chair by the fire.

Jane Marple & Hercule Poirot

• What do they even think of each other? The idea of these two encountering each other cracks me up. How do they meet? Do they respect each other, or does that take a while?
• Poirot is a guest at a Tuesday Club meeting. He underestimates Jane, and finds out that you do that at your peril.
• Poirot is traveling (he seems to do that a lot) and a murder happens on the boat he’s traveling on. Does he initially suspect fluffy-spinster Jane? Does he fear she’ll be the next victim? Who figures out the solution first? (Or vice versa, from Jane’s POV.)
• Outside!POV – Hastings observes the two of them and draws his own idiosyncratic conclusions.
• A murderer with a flair for the dramatic sets a little competition up for his own amusement – whichever of them solves the mystery first will live, the other one will die.
• Jane, having encountered Poirot/worked with him on a case, compares him to someone she knows in St. Mary Mead.
• Jane and Poirot are both involved in a case, and both come to the correct solution, but from different perspectives/for different reasons/using different clues.

Susan Pevensie/Minerva McGonagall

Minerva and Susan are close in age (Susan was b. 1928 and Minerva was b. 1935). I think they’d fit really well together. :)

• Minerva never intended to fall in love with a Muggle. But she goes to a Muggle club in London one night with a Muggleborn friend, and ends up dancing with a beautiful woman whose smile takes her breath away. Before she knows it, she’s falling.
• Lucy receives her Hogwarts letter shortly after she returns from her adventures on board the Dawn Treader. Magic is real, it turns out! Later, when Lucy becomes a professor at Hogwarts (or finds a job in Hogsmeade), Susan comes to visit her and meets the new Transfigurations Professor, a young woman with a sharp face and smiling eyes.
• Minerva commiserates over the trials of grading with her wife Susan, a professor in the Muggle world, and they compare magical vs. Muggle students. (Who has worse penmanship? Does one group have the upper hand in constructing logical arguments? Most outrageous excuse for tardiness? Etc.)
• Sketch of Minerva and Susan grading together by the fire.
• Despite being a Muggle, Susan has experience with magic because of Narnia. She writes a paper about the difference between Narnian magic and Earth magic and becomes the first Muggle to be published in a magical academic journal! Minerva is proud.
• Minerva only lets one person in the entire world pet her when she’s in her cat form, and that’s Susan. (I think a sketch of this would be lovely!)
• There may be an incident in Charlie Weasley’s sixth year involving a large, Not Tame lion and an intrepid Charlie. It goes down in Hogwarts legend, and Susan and Minerva laugh themselves silly behind closed doors. (So as not to offend either Charlie or Aslan.)

C.J. Cregg/Leia Organa
Hillary Clinton/Leia Organa

I absolutely adore all three of these women! I’m happy with the crossover going either way (C.J. or Hillary in Leia’s world or Leia in ours), or with a fusion in which the worlds collide.

• Leia has been reared in a very different political tradition. Her approach to a political situation that C.J./Hillary find themselves in is – unorthodox. But the more C.J./Hillary think about it, the more they like the idea.
• C.J./Hillary weren’t raised to fight an actual war. But when they find themselves in the Resistance or Rebellion, they roll up their sleeves and pitch right in. Hillary with a blaster protecting Leia’s back… yes please.
• Young Hillary falling in love with young Leia, in either universe.
• Banished by Kylo to another universe when he couldn’t go through with killing her, Leia starts trying to figure out how to get home. That’s hard in a universe that doesn’t know about the Force. But Leia Organa never gives up, and she’s making friends and allies along the way. Also she might be falling in love…
• Hillary only interviewed for a senatorial aide position. She’s passionate about policy and wants to get things done (even though the Senate feels completely powerless these days). She never expected Senator Organa to retire and hand the reins over to his daughter – she never expected to find herself caught up in a rebel plot against the Empire – and she definitely never expected to find herself kissing the new Senator in the cockpit of the Tantive IV.
• C.J. shouldn’t be noticing that Toby’s temporary deputy (filling in for Sam, who’s gone off to run in the 47th) is as beautiful as she is eloquent. C.J.’s far too busy to be getting distracted by Leia’s infectious laugh or the wicked curve of her smile. And yet…
• Feel free to steal prompts from the other political fandoms in this letter! (West Wing and US Politics RPF.)

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Original Work

Relationships: Madam President/Superheroine, US President/Her Wife, Congresswoman/Congresswoman

As you can probably tell from the other political fandoms in this letter, I really like politics. I’m much more on the West Wing side of fandom than the House of Cards side – I like my politics stories to be about flawed but good people who are genuinely trying to make the world a better place, not about cold realpolitik that’s all about political calculus and exploiting people. So in that vein, here are some ideas for this group of pairings:

Madam President/Superheroine

• Does anyone know the First Lady is a superheroine? Does the Secret Service? Does the Secret Service have to recruit superhero agents to protect the First Lady, or does everyone tacitly agree that the First Lady can take care of herself?
• The President is single, and everyone’s always trying to set her up with people. Partly because America loves her and wants her to be happy, and partly because of course every lobbyist and pressure group in Washington would love to have someone in the President’s bed. It takes everyone by surprise when it’s a superheroine who captures the President’s heart!
• State dinners are a trifle difficult when your wife might have to nip out of sight to transform into a superheroine and go save the world at any given moment. On the other hand, if a supervillain attacks the White House, you’ve got a first responder right on site already, so it evens out.
• Meet-cute between the President and the superheroine she falls in love with.
• The superheroine has been hardcore crushing on the President since the primaries, to the point where it’s kind of an open secret among her buddies. She maaaay have arm-wrestled (your superhero/ine of choice or an OC superhero/ine) to be the one to respond when (supervillain of choice or OC supervillain) attacked the White House during the new President’s first state dinner.

US President/Her Wife

• Everyone tells her that America isn’t ready for a lesbian President. But, well, she wants to be President, and she’s deeply in love with her wife, so America’s just going to have to be ready, now isn’t it?
• The President and the First Lady enjoy thinking about how scandalized most of the Presidents would be if they knew who was currently occupying their Oval Office. (And who is currently stealing kisses in the corner away from the cameras…)
• During the re-election campaign, there’s a scandal when the President’s caught on camera pinching the First Lady’s butt/they break their hotel bed having enthusiastic sex (a la Matt & Helen Santos)/there’s a hot mic moment in which the President starts teasing the First Lady about what they’re going to do later that night. But dammit, America’s just going to have to get used to happily married lesbian political leaders in love.
• The First Lady spearheads a policy push in her area of expertise and the President is so proud of her and just a super huge fan.
• The President and First Lady don’t buy into the Presidential golfing tradition. They’re big hikers instead. Congresspeople and Senators who want to get the President’s ear have to angle for an invitation on a weekend hike, and devoutly hope that they can keep up.


• She’s come to Washington to represent the people in her district, fight the Republicans, and make a difference in the world. She’s fully prepared to sleep in her office, work 20-hour days, and do whatever it takes to rise through the ranks. She didn’t bargain on the distraction posed by the Congresswoman in the office across the hall. (Perhaps she’ll have to reframe her Big Plans to include a partner…)
• Meet-cute! I adore meet-cutes.
• The Congresswomen become firm friends while planning a disruption of a debate on defunding Planned Parenthood by filling their briefcases with (unopened!) tampons and dumping them on their desks during their remarks. Congresswoman A starts falling in love when, safe back in their offices afterwards, Congresswomen B does impressions of the sputtering Speaker of the House.
• Normal people have “where is this relationship going?” conversations. Congresswomen have “do we want to go public yet? And if we do, how do we best maximize the political capital?” conversations. And yet it’s still super romantic.
• You know it’s true love when you support and stump for different candidates in a bitter Presidential primary race and still come out adoring your partner afterwards (even though they are Wrong in this case).
• Five proposal settings Congresswoman A considers, and the one she decides to go with.
• Election Night celebrations!

If none of these prompts speak to you, however, please write me a story or draw me a sketch that you love. And if something in my general likes inspires a plotbunny, feel free to let that supersede these prompts. I love this fandom and will truly enjoy what you create. ♥


Hopefully this letter has been helpful! :) If you want more info, feel free to check out my other fandoms for ideas, and/or my past letters (under the exchange letters tag). A lot of my favorite tropes and plotbunnies are panfandom (with variations, of course, for different characters), and can be stolen for other fandoms or used as inspiration.

Thank you again for offering one of my fandoms! ♥ I know I’ll love what you create. Happy New Year!
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